Coverages You Need

Properties you own for rental purposes require specific types of coverage to protect against all types of liability. This is also referred to as landlord’s insurance.

Loss of Rent

For loss of rental income, you need loss of rent

If your rental property becomes uninhabitable, this will help replace your lost income.


For injury or personal property damage you cause to others or that occurs on your property, you need liability

Covers medical bills and property damage you or your property cause or that result from an incident on your property....Read More


For your rental building, you need dwelling

Covers the physical structure of the building.

Personal Property

For contents you own, you need personal property

Covers items you own that reside in the rental building, like appliances and fixtures.

Additional Structures

For a detached garage or shed, you need additional structures

Covers house-like structures on your property, but not attached to the home.


For regional natural disasters, you may need flood or earthquake

Covers damages from regional weather occurrences.

Specialty Coverages

For specific vulnerabilities, you need specialty coverages

Consider adding coverage for sewer backup or equipment breakdown. Any situation you would need financial help recovering from should be considered as an insurance need....Read More

Companies We Work With

* Not all carriers available in every state.